Thursday, February 10, 2011

early delivery and some new studio time!

Today I made an early bike delivery for Bake 'n Bike. It was a big success! Aside from actually handing over the scones and a special rose to the stunned recipient, I got a lot of praise for the V-Day duds.

"Jerry, you gotta see this -- this guy has the best mustache I have ever seen!" "Can I take your picture?" "I'm on the phone with my psychiatrist and he thinks I am crazy..." "Jerry, this guy knows how to live -- either that, or he's died and come back as my savior." "He must be a politician... or a neurosurgeon."

The costume:

Now I am working on some projects at my new drawing studio! I am the inaugural NCAI artist-in-residence at The Haven. My studio is a former office, and it is nice to move some of my art stuff out of my bedroom (which is actually very small nursery made by inserting a wall at the landing at the top of the stairs). Now I am screenprinting at home and everything else is in this new space.

In exchange for the space, I will be initiating creative projects with Haven guests, which might include anything from a basic drawing class to a more formal project in PATCH Community Garden. Whatever the creative process may be, we hope to make some beautiful things together!

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