Tuesday, June 28, 2011

art show this friday!

My friend Jason Kachadourian will be showing work at the Garage this Friday! Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Jason makes prints and poured concrete sculptures and all sorts of wonderful things.
Come out for the opening!

The Garage
250 1st St. N (btwn Market St. and Jefferson St. across from Lee Park)
Opening Reception Friday July 1, 6-8 pm
There will be food, friends, and art!

Show title and statement:

The City is a Garden of Ideas by Jason Kachadourian
Paraphrased from the Peter Cook title The City, Seen as a Garden of Ideas (Monacelli 2003).

It's ironic that my newest pieces are being shown in a freestanding, single story, open air space away from a big city because over the past three years my work has become saturated with the city. It is inspired by the effects of stacking people and structures in such a compact space, and an attempt to organize something that is chaotic. Repetitive and obsessive processes like organizing movable type, woodcuts, finite drawing, sewing, etc. all provide a retreat from an ever changing environment, while also mirroring it.

Concrete, wood and textile forms, as well as some letterpress prints and found objects make up the five pieces in this exhibition. They are based on interior and exterior spaces that rely on one another, as well as the structures around them, for support. A city like this becomes a conscious organism, able to change constantly in spite of the people living in it.

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