Friday, September 7, 2012

rabbit: an original tragedy!

I have been in MPLS since the beginning of the month working on another d.i.y. theater production! Rehearsals are going really well -- it is going to be SO GOOD. I am super stoked to take it on tour!

Here is some information:

Eternal Cult presents
RABBIT: An Original Rabbit Tragedy

What does it mean to fail deeply and totally at every goal you’ve ever had? How can we keep going after terrible things happen? Why can’t we just get what we want? With the help of an opera singing Greek chorus, “Rabbit” follows a modern tragic hero, a cottontail rabbit named Jonathan, as he struggles against a run of very bad luck. After he is snatched away from his wife and family by a giant hawk, his odyssey to return home is a near constant struggle against forces both natural and supernatural. Is it fate? Is it a path? Is there meaning? Or is all of it just a bunch of random crappiness raining down upon him? Upon us all?

Written by Jon Mac Cole and Savannah Reich.
Directed by Jon Mac Cole, Savannah Reich and Christopher Allen.

Original music by Anna Young.
Set design and construction by Emma Alamo.
Costume design by Patrick Costello and Flora Mahaffy.
Poster by Michael McConnell.

Starring: Jon Mac Cole, Patrick Costello, Flora Mahaffy, James Jordan, Savannah Reich, and Anna Young.

Tentative tour: 
Sat 22- Minneapolis, MN
Sun 23- Minneapolis, MN
Mon 24- Milwaukee, WI
Tues 25- Chicago, IL
Weds 26- Muskegon, MI
Thurs 27- Detroit, MI
Fri 28- Athens, OH
Sat 29- Pittsburgh, PA         
Mon 1- New York, NY           
Tues 2- Philadelphia, PA                       
Weds 3-Baltimore, MD           
Thurs 4- Baltimore, MD           
Fri 5- Charlottesville, VA
Sun 7- Chapel Hill, NC
Mon 8- Asheville, NC
Weds 10- Kansas City, MO
Thurs 11- Minneapolis, MN
Friday 12- Minneapolis, MN

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