Sunday, January 23, 2011

nyc show pics!

Here are a few pictures of the show that Jason put together in NYC!

 The two little pieces to the right of my Rainbow Food screenprint are collaborative pieces by me, Jason, Sam and Mark!

Here is a detailed blurb about the show:

Jason Kachadourian presents One Night Only, a show of work by people who know each other and people who should.
New work by: Patrick Costello, Jason Kachadourian, Sam Kalda, Jimmy McBride and Mark Price.
The five featured artists use pattern, collage and a variety of other means to freeze a moment in time. They obsessively examine their relationship with the environment that surrounds them. By abstracting, modifying and re-using the familiar, they create images that represent select moments in a perpetual process.

This One Night Only is the second in a series of one night, pop up exhibitions that will take place in any available location.

And you can find more pictures HERE!

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