Sunday, July 29, 2012


Right after Less Miserable finished, I went down to Penland, NC to take a 2-week course on alternative methods of woodcarving at Penland School of Crafts. We used chainsaws to start pieces and then finished them with angle grinders, dynafiles, and power sanders. I made a bowl in the shape of a butt. (A bowel?) (Thanks Maureen!)

Aside from the above image, I don't have any pictures of the bowl or of anything else at Penland, because I still haven't gotten my disposable camera developed. I will do another post with those. Penland was awesome and magical, and my (fun!) work study position was really crucial in making it all happen. I went swimming in mountain rivers full of mica, shared scotch and grapefruit juice cocktails with Paulis Berensohn and my friend Zee, and met so many wonderful, talented people. Summer 2012: making art with awesome people in the woods!

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