Tuesday, December 28, 2010

road trip 2k10! (part one)

One nice thing about being a gardener is that you have a lot less work in the winter! One nice thing about having friends all over the country is that you get to visit them! Kristin, DeCarol and I organized a road trip that started December 8 and ended the 21st. The objectives: see lots of things, go lots of places, and get our friend Meg back east for the holidays. 

We ended up eating dinner by candlelight in the woods, talking hip hop with philosophers, staying with long lost high school friends, visiting a cathedral of junk, falling in love with New Orleans, being interviewed for a documentary about pie shops, breaking into my sister's house, spending a whole day at the Civil Rights Institute, seeing mermaids at the largest aquarium in the world, eating delicious food with friends and family, meeting a few farm animals, viewing an amazing painting in a janitor's closet, and arriving just in time to spend the holidays with family.

Here was our trip:
DEC 8:  Woodbridge VA --> Athens OH
DEC 9: Athens OH --> Nashville TN
DEC 10: Nashville TN --> Memphis TN --> Little Rock AR
DEC 11: Little Rock AR --> Austin TX
DEC 12: Austin TX
DEC 13: Austin TX --> New Orleans LA
DEC 14: New Orleans LA
DEC 15: New Orleans --> Greensboro AL --> Tuscaloosa AL
DEC 16: Tuscaloosa AL --> Birmingham AL --> Atlanta GA
DEC 17: Atlanta GA
DEC 18: Atlanta --> Charleston SC --> Darlington SC
DEC 19: Darlington SC --> Charlotte NC
DEC 20: Charlotte NC --> Bear Creek NC --> Chapel Hill NC --> Greensboro NC
DEC 21: Greensboro NC --> Bluefield WV --> Charlottesville VA --> Woodbridge VA

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