Sunday, December 5, 2010

zine workshop!

A couple of days ago I taught a zine making workshop for the Charlottesville Trade School! It was great fun! The premise is that people bring things to barter in order to take a class.  The classes are held at a variety of beloved spaces around town (random row, the bridge, the garage, etc.), and you sign up ahead of time on the web. 

For my zine class, I made a little zine about zines (how meta!) and we all made our own zines during the workshop. We also looked at a wide variety of zines and talked about the myriad of things a zine could be. After sharing our creations, everyone presented their barter items and they were all so thoughtful and awesome! I highly recommend getting involved with the trade school crew and teaching/attending a class. So rad!

 the about zines zines

a couple of the great barters

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